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The once daunting, expensive task of publishing your book is now history. Self Publish Australia has simplified the process - it can't get any easier, or more economical than what we offer with today's technology and our modern in-house trade processes.

Many well known and popular authors have launched their successful careers self publishing at least one novel. It has to be the best way to getting your name out there as a published author. Your manuscript professionally designed and edited, printed and bound in book format automatically assumes an air of respectability & authenticity alongside mainstream published books.

The following information is presented to you to understand the most economical way to produce your books without compromising quality.


Our authors generally provide us their manuscript in 1 of 2 ways. The majority send us their WORD™ document - read our guidelines in order to send us a properly optimised document ready for interior design layout.

If you trust your typography, layout & design skills, and would like to supply us with a PRINT-READY file which we will print exactly as you have laid out, you will need to supply us with a print-ready PDF file.

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The cover of your book is incredibly important to attract interest - yes, most people DO judge a book by it's cover, so it is imperative to be able to encapsulate the feel of the book attractively using appropriate graphics and typography. Our suitably qualified designers will create your cover into one that any mainstream publishing house would be proud to call their own. Cost for professional cover design starts from $250+GST.

If you choose to design a print-ready cover yourself, you will have to take into consideration the spine width and add this to your document width. Click here to work out your Spine width.

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Depending on the intended market/use of the book, sizes range from:

A6 105mm x 148mm Cute novelty size
A 181mm x 111mm Small travel paperback similar to Penguin Novels
B 198mm x 128mm Very economical
B+ 210mm x 135mm Popular format
A5 210mm x 148mm A default size - we dislike, ask us why
C 152mm x 229mm Great format - economical and impressive
Crown Quarto 245mm x 180mm  
A4 210mm x 297mm  

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Most Novels are printed with full colour covers, and mono (black) text throughout. However there is no limitation as to how many black & white photos/images you can insert throughout the book (when supplying a print-ready PDF. If we are layout your interior pages, there is a $5/image charge.
While it is possible to also insert pages containing full colour, the cost to print a single colour page is approximately 10 TIMES that of a mono page, so use sparingly if required. Don't add coloured headings for this reason. Having said that, wise use of vivid colour imagery or artwork can have a big impact upon the reader.

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Most common book binding method for novels by far is Perfect Binding, which is the same finish as what you will see is used for most books in bookstores.


The perfect bind method involves collating the sections of the book and their backs ground off leaving a rough surface upon which the adhesive is applied. The cover is glued into place after it has been scored to allow the adhesive to slightly overlap the front and back of the book block. The final step includes a three-sided trim to clean up the finished book.

We strongly suggest cover lamination to protect the cover from scuffing and damage. Gloss lamination shows up marking less than matt lamination on dark colours, so is perfect for child & younger adult publications. Matt is now the modern choice of classy books.

Hardcover Casebound Novel
For a premium presented product, you can’t beat hardcover. Our hardcover books are all professionally made using proven century-old traditional methods by our qualified bookbinders. We include as standard head and tail ends, end papers (choice of colours), covered one of a wide choice of Novalite leather-style finish materials (see hardcover options)
Factors, however, to bear in mind is binding & shipping costs will be significantly greater than paperbacks.

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Go to our Book Printing Quote section and send us all the details of your book for us to quote and assess the most relevant options available to you.

Once books are printed, we will despatch via courier service, or our freight company for bulk orders. Generally, you will receive your books within 5 working days, although this may vary. Overnight, and other express services are available if required.








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